Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pics 4 U

(Sorry for the delay, people... ^^)

What's going to happen? -.O

Monday, August 23, 2010

The journey goes on...

Today we've reached...

  Mt. Moon! 

Another day, another challenge, or should I say, greater challenges? Twelve hours of almost nonstop shooting sequences (from 8 AM to 8 PM (!), but at the end of the day, one thing was certain: It sure was a rewarding (and funny) day of hard work (despite the unbearable heat...). Anyway, we had a great time... Mr. Director Powers (no back pain this time!), Flávio, me.. and that's what really matters (plus getting the 'job' done, of course.)

I have lots of photos from today's shooting to share with you all, faithful fans (and  I know you want some ^^). I'll post some 'photographic evidence' later. ;)

João 'Pliskin' Frias
PKMN3 L.A. The Light of Hope co-writer, pseudo-producer, actor wannabe and FUK8 blog collaborator (jeez!)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

9 - TEASER Released

Maybe it's soon, but I know you've been waiting for something like this.

Here's the first teaser for the upcoming Pokémon Live Action Movie, The Light of Hope. The one that will conclude Flávio's story and my trilogy.

Will it take long? Yes, its going kind of slowly... its has been my greatest challenge yet, but now I can say without a doubt: We're getting somewhere!

Poll #1 results

What's your favorite 'Pokémon Live Action movie' from FUK8 Films (so far)?

"The Mysterious Virus" (1st movie)- 30 (26%)
"Destiny of a Hero" (2nd movie) - 83 (73%)


Well, that's a huge gap but I guess even the director feels the same way. After all, it's all about evolution, right?

Poll #2 coming through!
You have been summoned by Prof. Powers to receive your starter Pokémon.

Pick your favorite! ;)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

8 - Help us out!!!

Hello guys!!

I've been working a lot and I ended up with some injuries on my back :S So, I won't be able to shoot for a few days. The movie is going good and I'm happy with what we've been doing. I would like to have more people to help me out, help with sound, with the photography, with the editing... it would came out sooner and better, but you know, that's how it works with amateur movies. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself. It's no big deal, its not my first "rodeo"... I just raised the bar too high and I'm paying the price. It'll pay out in the end ( I hope).

I would like to be more active in the blog but sometimes I just don't know what to post, so... tell me, what would you like to see here?

I'll be waiting for your suggestions ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

7 - Just... tired

Sorry guys for not being able to come to the blog frequently.. I'll try more from now on, but as you can imagine, I've been really busy.

Right now, we have 5 days of the movie done... which means, there's 25 more to go.
It's been really cool to shot but, it's been really tiring shooting 3 to 4 hours a day. Anyway, I think that in the end... it will all be worth it.

Today we took a day-off, its Flávio's birthday :)

So, it seems that some Spanish friends have made a little dub for our 2nd movie :) I really liked it, it was very well done. It proves that the intonation of an actor makes all the difference. In my opinion, the dub version for Sofia is better than the original. Check it out:

The 3rd movie has been a battle each day. There are always new problems and new difficulties to face each step I take... but I promise you, in a few months from now, can't say really when, you'll be given the ULTIMATE Pokémon Live action ever made: The Light of Hope