Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ah, nothing feels better than a successful day of shooting :D

We've been at the RANGER BASE!!

I was so nervous.. This was a veeery important day and I didn't want anything to ruin it.

We had a wonderful time together. A good example of how a shooting day should be.
Even with the stress and the pressure upon us, we managed to enjoy ourselves and work at the same time.

There's still 9 days left but we're going in a good way.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Viagem ao Japan Weekend '10

Slideshow da nossa viagem dia 23 de Outubro a Lisboa ao Evento Japan Weekend.

Check the album at Facebook:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

17 - A New Phase starts: FX

I've succesfully edited the 19 days we've shot so far!! It took me quite a while, but it was a fun process.

Since we're only going to shoot about 2 weeks from now, I've started working on the Special Effects.

We supposedly had people to help with the animations and the 3D models, but I haven't received nothing from them... I just hate the fact that people compromise to do things and then quit :/ Why accept in the first place?

Well, it doesn't matter... I'll manage to do things on my own, but it'll take more time, much more time...

The only one that truly helped me with something was this guy that I met in YouTube called "Viijay". It was the only one who accepted to help us for free and the only one to actually do something for the project.

Here's an example of his work:

Go check him out and tell him he's awesome ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Poll #3 results

Grab your PokéBalls (uhm...sounds weird -.O) and step into the tall grass!
Sorry Rangers. ^^'

  1st place: Trainers (65 votes!)
2nd place: Rangers (8 votes)
3rd place: Coordinators (3 votes)

*** 78 votes *** 

New poll: 
Isshu starters (5th Gen) - Pick your favorite
Tsutarja VS Pokabu VS Mijumaru

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

JAPAN Weekend - Lisboa (Only for Portuguese fans)

Olá pessoal!! Vai haver um grande evento no Pavilhão Atlântico em Lisboa dia 23 e 24 deste mês chamado Japan Weekend, dedicado a fãs de Anime e Manga. Vai ter Exposições, Workshops, Merchandise, Jogos, Cosplay...

Nós vamos andar por lá dia 23 (Sábado) e é provavel que venhamos a apresentar lá o Teaser e falar um pouco sobre o filme. Portanto, se leste isto e fores lá, vem dizer-nos "Olá" ;)

Quem não é de Lisboa e apanhar o Comboio para lá, basta sair na Estação do Oriente. Não há risco de se perderem... Não percam é a oportunidade de ir a um evento deste calibre :)

Mais informações:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Websites Recommendation

We know you love to hang out here in our blog, but we're leaving you some suggestions of some websites where you can have a good time :)


In this website you're bound to have a good laugh. It's filled with Pokémon jokes and they have new posts almost daily.

Here's an example:


Can't give a better description than the one of the author: "A webcomic targetting the flaws and hypothetical situations in the Pokémon games. Ridiculing the trainers, mocking the various species, and overall making fun of a popular game we all hold very dear (author included)."

The website is very recent but he already has a few comics that are worth checking out.


Well, that's it for now. We hope you enjoy these websites ^^
We sure have.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

16 - Organizing + We're hiring

Hello people!! The first post of October :) This month I'll be dedicated to organize and prepare the half of the movie that still needs to be shot. It includes things like: Contacting people for roles, make storyboards, see were I'll need to spend money (props, gasoline, etc)

In the meantime I'm also working on the Editing of the footage we've already gathered. It's a slow process since I'm working alone in this...

In order to end this project faster and better, we need some extra people working on it and there's some jobs that need to be filled. If you'd like to help us out or know someone that might, please contact us.

We currently need:
1 - 3D Animators
2 - 3D Riggers/ Skinners
3 - 3D Modelers