Saturday, November 27, 2010

20 - Shooting at Night

We've ended the month of November shooting 3 days in a row!! Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 12 GB of footage to watch, more than 500 video files...

I'm exhausted but thrilled :D We're heading towards the end!! It has been awesome to shoot the EPIC events that preceed the end ^^

We had some technical issues in these past few days which was... shooting at night.
In the first night someone called the Police! That someone thought that we were doing something bad or ilegal... I don't know x) The Police was actually pretty cool and reacted well when we said that we were shooting a movie. They just warned us to be careful with the noise. It was scary to see them approaching none the less... we thought that we were getting into trouble...


The other problem is that, even with illumination, my camera ends up losing quality and gaining Grain:

Since this is an amateur project we ended up with no other option...

Other factor was that, its Winter here and its extremely cold. Its was very hard to shoot but... we survived x) We had a great time and we're happy with the results.

7 days of shooting to end the movie!!!!!! We have 23 behind us.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some photos (Cast @ Ranger Base):

Flávio wearing a Ranger vest? What's this I don't even...

Fake? Reality? Parallel dimension?

Sneak peek at post-production FX work (the real challenge!):

Monday, November 15, 2010

Poll #4 results

Favorite Isshu (5th Gen) starter 

And the winner is:

After a hard fought battle, the Water starter beats the competition, taking 29% of votes (picked by 27 voters).

But it seems many visitors are either undecided about them or just love the three Isshu starters. ^^

* Total votes: 92 *
(Not bad at all! Keep it up, people!)

Next poll:
Who's the best Pokémon Hero? 
Ash or Flávio? 
Anime or Live Action?

Monday, November 8, 2010

19 - A lot of work...

1st post of November!! I'm sorry it took so long but I didn't knew what to write...

We're only shooting during the weekends now, due to school. Besides, we're not able to shoot every weekend... Some of us are extremely busy with school projects... when we're not busy, it rains and we can't shoot outside... so, we won't be able to give News very often like we did in the Summer.

It's going slow but at least its going good. Even though we're not shooting very often, the movie keeps going forward on the FX department. We're happy with the results so far :) Here's a small peak to feed your curiosity:

That's it for now. Keep visiting!!

PS: I'm playing "Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs" and I'm kinda pissed, since some ideas in the Game seem very similar to what we're doing in the movie x) Oh well...
Still a great game though ^^ I'm loving it so far.